Monday, February 29, 2016

Ball Skills

Wow!!! What a fantastic skills the children have displayed! We are learning to throw the ball using the throwing fundamental skills.  We have to think about how we should be standing, holding the ball and throwing the ball.  It's great to see children improving on their skills each week and hitting the target more often.    

Standing facing sideways with leg slightly open wide. Aiming arm out, holding the tennis ball loosely and making sure that it is not sitting on the palm of our hand. 

Twisting our hips fast and hard to the front and bringing our throwing arm and throw the tennis ball and aiming it at the hoop.


  1. Great to see the technique for throwing. I learnt something too about throwing

  2. Great techniques shown here. Learning how to throw is very important, a lot of sports rely on people being able to throw accurately.